Facebook is the largest social network site with about 500 million users around the world. It was founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg. People argue on the effects of facebook. Some say its a great way to re-connect with old classmates and keep up with your friends. Others say its a complete waste up time and its taking over the lives of our teens today.
    Sarah Lacy says in an article that facebook helps her be more considerate towards her friends because she can now remember their birthdays. "My parents and in-laws know everything happening in my life so that when I call home, we have substantive conversations, not the awkward, “So…..whatcha been up to?" variety. " ( Sarah Lacy )
    Someone else argues that facebook is bad for your relationships. "The social networking site Facebook puts its users abreast of the activities of their contacts, but also can be a poison for relationships and, as revealed in a recent study, is increasing jealousy and tensions between their supporters." (why Facebook is bad for relationships) He says in his article that facebook helps you see things that would other wise be unimportant such as a photo that your spouse has taken with someone else or a wall post he has left on an ex girlfriends page.
    Other people argue that facebook is taking over peoples lives. ""I'm an addict. I just get lost in Facebook," Newton said. "My daughter gets so PO'd at me, and really it is kind of pathetic. It's not something I'm particularly proud of. I just get so sucked in." (Elizabeth Cohen) Paula Pile a therapist said she had three cliets with "facebook problems."




    I can't believe this! The thought of my own sister marrying the man i love-- who in fact does not love her-- is just repulsing!  I would take a thousand beatings from Mama Elena; I just can't have Pedro marry Rosaura! Oh what a wonderful man Pedro is: loving, charming handsome. Rosaura does on deserve him! She cant hold a conversation with a tree let alone cook! Oh how i will miss his touch...ever so gentle. This just can't happen! I will end it myself if i have to. Yes that is what i will do; I will end their marriage even if it takes me a lifetime. Pedro will hold me in his arms once more. We will once again be one.

In the story of Oedipus is was said that he would grow up to marry his mother. When he found this out he left home and a few years later when he came back he had met an attractive woman. He married that woman and later on found out it was actually his mother. A 26 year old man named Danny James Bass had married his 43 year old mother Anne Garton Bass and claimed that he did not find out she was actually his mother a months after their marriage. Both Danny and Oedipus felt attraction to their mothers and married them without knowing who it was.

It started with the fire,
In her eyes glowed an impetuous desire.

As magic has and magic will,
What promises might this mystery fulfill?

Trouble comes from all different peaks,
The girl with the charm is the one who seeks.

Innocent ardor may it have seemed,
But in her eyes showed a pestiferous gleam.

Ever cautious she lifted the dome,
Heart throbbing she let her excitement roam.

Panting in and out,
Watching hellish monstrosity go about.

Lips creeping up at each corner,
Her job had been done, the world now in horror.